What is the Bunny Ranch?

The Bunny Ranch is a legal house of prostitution.  It’s the one place on Earth where your imagination is your only limitation.  You can have as little or as much fun as you like. 

Where is the Bunny Ranch located?         

The Bunny Ranch is located in Carson City, Nevada which is very close to the Reno/Lake Tahoe area.  We are about an 8 hour drive from Las Vegas, or an hour flight.  Southwest Airlines has flights to and from Las Vegas that run all day.  If you are flying in to the Reno Tahoe International Airport (RNO), our limousine provides roundtrip transportation.  If this is the option you are looking for just call 1-888-bunnyranch to let them know when you will be arriving.  If you make an appointment with me I will take care of this for you!  This also applies to anywhere in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area.  There are also directions to the ranch on the Bunny Ranch website if you prefer to rent a car.  If you would prefer to obtain directions from a search engine the address to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch is:   

69 Moonlight Road Carson City, NV 89706

What can I expect when I arrive?

If you have made an appointment with me you can skip the process of having a lineup.  I understand the lineup can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming for the first-timer, therefore I do often suggest making an appointment.  When you arrive you’ll ring the bell at the gate TWO times & let the hostess know you have an appointment with me.  From there we can have a chat at the bar, I can show you around the facilities, or we can head straight back to my suite where we can discuss what you would like to do.          

When we finalize the details of our party, we will head to the office where they take care of the transaction.  Then it’s off to our honeymoon!

When our time is up, the cashier will call into the room over the intercom and let us know that it’s time to re-party.  This means that either we need to finish up our party or re-negotiate a price to continue.

Will I be filmed during my visit?

No.  Everyone who has been seen on film signed a consent form prior to filming.  There are no cameras in my bedroom, so you can rest assured our visit together will be between you and me only.

Is it safe to have sex at the Bunny Ranch?

The Bunny Ranch is the safest place to have sex! 

We are tested once a week by culture and once a month we have our blood work completed.  In the 30+ years of mandatory testing there has not been a single case of HIV or AIDS.  Barrier protection is mandatory for all sex acts, and we are proof that barrier protection works!  Rest assured the only thing you’ll be taking home with you is a deliciously naughty memory of our time together!

Does spending time with you cost more because I’ve seen you on TV?

No.  My choice to be media friendly had nothing to do with money.  I live my life as an open book and thoroughly enjoy showing you a peek into my world.  I’m here to be accessible for your pleasure.  If you make the effort to come here to see me, I will make the effort to work with your budget. 


When will you be at the Bunny Ranch?

I travel back and forth from my home in the Midwest and the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.  I do try to post my dates far enough in advance for you to make the appropriate travel arrangements! 

You can find my current schedule here:

How do I make an appointment?

I highly recommend making an appointment with me before arriving at the Bunny Ranch.  Not only will you be guaranteed that I’m available but I also offer more bang for your buck if you do!  There is no guarantee I will be available when you arrive for a lineup. 

You can make an appointment with me by emailing me at:


How far in advance should I make an appt?

I always suggest setting your appointment with me as soon as you know when you would like to see me.  The sooner I can get you confirmed in my calendar, the sooner you can rest easy knowing I will be available for you upon your arrival. 

What is a deposit?

I do not require a deposit for most appointments, but some parties do require a deposit be left to secure my availability.  However, a deposit is a great way to confirm our appointment.  It also lets the ranch know that I will be off the floor on that day & time.  There is no set price for a deposit, I usually suggest leaving 10% of what you plan to spend.  If it’s a little more or less, that’s fine.  The full amount of the deposit will be applied to our time together once you arrive. 

Deposits can be made by contacting the

Bunny Ranch at 775.246.9901,

press 0 and ask to speak with the cashier. 

So how much does it cost?

It is illegal for me to discuss prices with you over internet, email or on the phone.  What I can tell you is this; I work with all budgets and would never make you spend more than you want to.  I can give you an outstanding party for a price you can afford. 

I promise that you will never leave unhappy and my number one goal is to make you want to come and see me over and over again.  You will love what you get no matter how much you spend!  Just remember you get what you pay for and I am a whole lot of fun.

I will never make you feel like we’re on a timeline, because we’re not.  There is no minimum time or a minimum price that you have to spend to party.  That is all up to what we decide.  Just remember, all of my parties are negotiable.  I make sure to ensure that you get exactly what you want for the price you can afford.  I am very flexible and open to anything. 

Do you accept credit cards?

You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, debit Card, cashier's check, credit card check, and cash. Your billing statement as well as your receipt will say you charged a cash advance even though you won't be charged the surcharge. It will look like you got a cash advance.  We also have an ATM onsite that it is billed discreetly as well.